Online Gambling Banned in the United States

This afternoon the US Department of Justice made the decision to ban all online gambling activity in the United States. This was a reversal of the position under the Obama Administration that only Sports Betting was prohibited under the 1961 Wire Act.

The legal coalition was led by GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson who is the current Chief Executive of Sands Corporation. Shelbag and his wife donated $113 million to support Republicans in the 2016 cycle, including $20 million to back President Trump’s campaign.

To put it bluntly, this is a massive setback for widespread gambling legalization in this country. Earlier in the year we took a major step forward with states beginning to legalize sports betting, while this action takes us about 8 steps back. It’s a classic example of a mega-donor who was late to the game wielding his influence to correct his mistake and block out competition.

Donald Trump is bought and sold quicker than his prostitutes he frequents. This type of legislation makes me sick. It’s typical shortsighted baby boomer bullshit where blinders are on ignoring the world around them. Seriously, just look at this guy. Does Sheldon Adelson look like the kind of guy that understands internet?


Guy looks like the guy from Saw and probably uses pagers and sends faxes because he’s old af. I’m sick of politicians who don’t have a fundamental understanding of the internet and reward brick-and-mortar which in this case is Las Vegas casinos. Just go back to listening to politicians talk to Zuckerberg on Capital Hill. It’s irresponsible as a country to elect legislators to enforce laws on the internet when they don’t even have the most basic understanding of how it works.


Politicians like Blanche Lincoln (D-ARK) have come out today with statements saying “Today’s landmark action to rightfully restore the Wire Act is a win for parents, children and other vulnerable populations.”

The fact of the matter is that politicians don’t care about parents or children. This is an effort to protect their pocket books and reward Shelbag’s financial interest in the casino industry. As far as the US Government is concerned, gambling is illegal and immoral unless you’re wagering in Las Vegas or in a casino.


I’m sick of the weird moral stance this country has towards gambling. It’s generally a victimless crime. Arguments are always brought up around parents who gambled away their kids college funds on the super bowl. Your dad has a gambling problem, this is not an internet problem. The thing that people always forget when discussing people losing mass amounts of money gambling is that you can only lose what you wager. Don’t penalize everyone else because your Dad’s a degenerate who can’t control his impulses.

This fight against online gambling follows the same logic Vegas has always took against lotteries and state-sponsored gambling. It’s immoral unless Vegas gets all the profits. What this country needs is regulation and taxes to back the consumer.

I can’t think of a more hypocritical stance than a casino executive coming out against online gambling. Hopefully Donald can pull Shelbag’s cock out of his mouth in between Big Macs but I wouldn’t bet on it. This presidency is an absolute joke and I’m not even talking about serious issues they’re tasked with facing.

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