The Road to 180 Has Begun


The last supper. Yes, that’s an order for one. Two entrees and two drinks. Hooters baby. Always remember to support the hard working women in the community.


WNBA and Hooters fan. Does this look like the face of modern feminism?!?!?! I think so. But enough about women. This isn’t about them, it’s about me.

Are you an ass guy?

Tits guy?

Boom you’re in the right place boyz. I’ve got both of them


Hopped on the scale on Saturday Morning and to put it bluntly the number startled me. I knew it was going to be bad because I’ve essentially been on a month long binge since I attended Lollapalooza in early August.

Anyone who has followed @losingflabwithlbag

has seen my struggle with weight and failed attempts to lose said weight. All I have to say is the #diet has officially started and will not end until I’m at 180 pounds.

Weigh ins will take place on Saturdays mornings. Let’s get to work.


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