L Bags College Football Bets of the Day-9/15

Here are the picks:

Ole Miss is my automatic over bet of the year. Garbage defense, high power offense. Over city. To put in perspective how bad their defense is they gave up 40+ points last week to perennial powerhouse Southern Illinois. Tua has looked unreal. I expect Alabama to score a million points.

Haskins has looked unreal. Ohio State is head and shoulders better than TCU. Last week I watched TCU-SMU. If Robinson can’t be more accurate with his throws. TCU will get bodied. His accuracy is can’t hit the broad side of a barn bad.

Ball State is the weird line of the week. I saw the line has moved to +16 and I’m a little mad I locked in +14.5. It kills me to bet against IU as an alum but we’re not that good and Ball State looked solid against ND. I expected the line to be Ball State +6.5 at the highest. Unless someone has died on Ball States team I’m startled at this line. Probably going to sprinkle some on Ball State money line just because I have little to zero confidence in IU outside of Stevie Scott who has looked good to date and has a great name.

L Bag Bet of the Days (0-1-0)

Profit to Date: ($50)


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