L Bag Bet of the Day-9/13/18


By popular demand, we are bringing back the L Bag Pick of the Day. To it bluntly, there’s too much knowledge in my head and I have to give some back to the little guys. You the readers. Look guys I get it. I used to be broke too then I became the number one refurbished bowflex salesman in North America. I love seeing the people I care about having a couple extra dollars in their pocket to take the lovely lady (or guy, this is a sex positive website) on a date thanks to L Bag.

Improvements to the system. No more parlays or live bets. We’re talking disciplined betting boyz. The L Bag system. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a bankroll isn’t built in a day either.

Tonight we’re rocking with the Ravens -1.5. Flacco is elite and so are the Ravens. Color rush Thursday baby. POP OFF. I love this team. Took them in my survivor pool I’m taking them here. As always this is a transparent website where we always show receipts, so you know what I’m risking.


L Bag Bet of the Days (0-0-0)

Profit to Date: $0


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