Live Blog: The Road to Cucks vs Catholics Day 5


I’m going to keep this one short since I’m getting ready to leave the office shortly and head to the airport. Fucking weed guy bubbed me today. Going to be a bitch flying sober with no weed chocolates. I’m going to try and snap a picture of my infamous chocolate man one day since he one of the last few walking the earth with a Jherri Curl. I owe it to the readers as he truly is a unique character. Me and my roommate call him Jherri and I have his contact info saved as Jherri. One of my fears is one day accidentally addressing him as Jherri.

Regardless we are back rocking and rolling on Day 5. I’ve got a cheat sheet rolling in the office prepping for the Paul Walker Memorial Cup Draft and my kangol packed. Watch your butts Chicago, L Bag is coming. POP OFF

Yesterday, was overall a good day. We added money to the pot with the smaller parlay hitting with the Cleveland/Lions over hitting. Unfortunately, my man Jeff Brohm couldn’t come through which would have doubled the existing pot. Sad. Purdue dug themselves in a 14 point hole and could never climb out. Main bright spot for the Boilers was Rondale Moore who absolutely popped off. One of the more exciting young stars in the Big Ten.


Pot currently is sitting at risking $400 to win $836.28. I need a Michigan dub like I need to lose 30 pounds.


Onto the picks. We are keeping it simple tonight. Dream +2.5. Delle Donne is banged up and the Dream looked good last game. Like I’ve said as long as Washington doesn’t continue to get egregious superstar calls, Atlanta should win the series relatively easily even with McCoughtry injured. Breeland and Williams need to come to play in the post on both ends. Let’s rock. Hopefully, Southwest has live tv so I can catch some of the action in the air.


Update 3:52 PM EST: said fuck it and wanted to toss in another since it’s the last day.

Update: 5:43 est

King shit. Dinner of champions. I’m officially on vacation.


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