Live Blog: The Road to Cucks vs Catholics Day 4


First things first I owe an apology to my tens of loyal readers. I forgot to post picks yesterday. So we’ll call this day 4 even though we skipped day 3. End of the fiscal year and got wrapped with some bub ass after work activity and just forgot to gamble. Hopefully Harbag isn’t so forgetful as he preps for the big game.

Management actually gave me shit for requesting to leave at 4:30 PM to catch a flight to my draft on the last day of the quarter. Did these motherfuckers forget I’m the number one refurbished bowflex salesman in North America??? I drip money, close business and crush quotas. To put it bluntly I’m carrying this fucking business. If this is the thanks I get I’ll take my ass to P-90 X and start slinging fitness plans. Pop off.


To recap night 2s picks. Atlanta won by a narrow margin. Hate to see a player like Elena Delle Donne go down but for the gamblers, Atlanta is essentially a lock in game 3 and I haven’t even seen the spread yet. Fuck the Seattle Storm and Taurasi. Dianna Taurasi approaches playoffs games the way I approached college semesters, coast for months then cram for exams. Dianna coasts through 3 quarters than pops off in the 4th. She’s got my number this playoffs and I’m likely staying away from Game 3. I’m sick of the Mercury breaking my heart and my bank account. Seriously, Seattle how the fuck do you not cover a -5.5 spread when youre up 19 points in the second half. Such a cocktease going to OT thinking -5.5 was back in play when it never had a chance. The only gamblers that lose are the once that quit and that’s why we are back today


Onto the picks. I didn’t realize my man Jeff Brohm and Purdue we’re playing tonight after I locked in my first bet so I locked in two bets. It’s tough for myself as an IU Bag to root for Purdue but what’s there not to like about Jeff Brohm. Guy is an electric factory and the videos speak for themselves. I’d run through a wall for this guy and I won a lot of money betting on Brandon Doughty at Western Kentucky so we’re hoping the luck continues with Purdue.

Browns vs Lions. I’m high off of Hard Knocks. That’s all that needs to be said. Recency bias like you read about. Over and the Browns. Additionally, I don’t like Patricia. He’s a fat slob that claims to be a rocket scientist defense savant. Guys gotten lit up by Connor Cooke and Davis Webb in the preseason. Fuck em. Bring back Caldwell, guy came to play when the wins mattered the most in the preseason.

Let’s rock and get the pot larger

Parlay 1:


Parlay 2:


Current Pot Update:

Risking $350 to win $695.37

I need ya Jimmy. need ya bad




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