Nick Westbrook Puts Asses in the Seats

After hearing the news that Brandon Dawkins left the IU Football Program the day after he lost the starting job to Peyton Ramsey I was pissed. I didn’t exactly have high hopes for the season after losing major pieces in Simmie Cobbs, Chris Covington, Teegray Scales and Rashard Fant and I didn’t need this kind of news prior to the season even starting. It’s too early in the year to be feeling low about IU football. You can’t blow games against top 25 ranked in the 4th quarter in mid-August and I want my offseason to be filled with blind optimism that this year will be “our year” instead of doubt and negativity.

Luckily, today I came across something that brought my IU Football spirits up. I have to use LinkedIn quite a bit for my job and came across this post from someone who I share a mutual connection with and I loved it.


Nick Westbrook was a summer ticket sales intern for IU athletics selling football tickets. Can’t make this up folks. Westbrook is putting asses in the seats on and off the field. Who can sell a team better than a guy on the team. I think every team that struggles to fill arenas should have players doing this. When Dick Lagow threw 5 picks against Wake Forest he should have been hitting the phones the next day.

This is what I want to see from IU football. Guys that are boots on the ground hitting the phones, slanging tickets, putting asses in the seats. Dials for dollars baby. If you’ve never worked a cold call position I’ve got two words for you. POP. OFF.



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