Live Blog: The Road to Cucks vs Catholics Day 2

Boom. It’s your buddy’s buddy back again for Day 2 of the road to the Cucks vs the Catholics.


Day 1 was off to a smashing start. Tottemham buried Man U and the Cubs murdered the Mets. Sometimes it’s too easy winning 2/3 of a parlay. Now we have an additional potential winnings of $409.66 on the Wolverines bringing the wager count to risking $350 to win $695.37. Get your mind right Harbag, the pot is growing and the stakes are getting larger.

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Stat of the Day: Michigan has covered 6 times against the spread in their last 9 matchups against Notre Dame.
Ha get it 69


Fun Fact: I printed this picture out on a word document when I didn’t have full internet access as a kid to jerk off to. Tough times. Probably the hottest photo I could find on Google SafeSearch with a shit ton of parental controls. Used to fold this bad boy up and hide it in between books in my room from my parents. Just a classic poster and I’d love to watch these two lovely ladies engage in a little 69 action.


Anyways back to the action:

I actually watched the Cubs game. First full baseball game I watched all year. Easily, my favorite part of watching a baseball game is watching the players #respect the game. I was listening to KEY!’s new mt Vesuvius lava in the streets fireflames “777” album while watching the game and almost caught myself not #respecting the game.

There’s no rap, fun or personality in baseball. If you’re going to be a jackass like me listening to explicit rap lyrics during a baseball game the least you can do is straighten up your dang baseball cap and make sure to remove it for the national anthem. Jon Lester was money with some rare RBIs as a pitcher but frankly im just excited there’s wnba on the calendar tonight, so I can watch a real sport. Buy low on the WNBA, sell high on the MLB.

Onto tonight’s picks:

Nicki Cullen was named WNBA coach of the year today and I have no doubt Atlanta doesn’t lose two in a row at home with their backs against the wall. Washington was red hot in game 1 and Delle Donne was getting crazy superstar calls all game. If the referees allow Williams and Breeland to play anything resembling defense in the post, Washington will be in some trouble. Renee Montgomery and Tiffany Hayes need to get going early in the game and continue to hold Kristie Tolliver to another low scoring game.

Seattle is head and shoulders better than Phoenix. They’re easily the best team in the playoffs and if they can limit Phoenix’s Big 3 I think they’ll win easily tonight. Phoenix will need a big game out of Taurasi and continue to have bench players like Bri’ann January stepping up to have a chance against Seattle’s deep attack.

I feel confident about these two games. Let’s rock


Update 10:10 PM EST: Jesus christ that Atlanta game was stressful. Hate to see a player like Delle Donne take a fall like that. Parlay lives on. As Belichick would say…

update 12:10 AM est: what a unbelievable collapse by Seattle down the stretch. Blowing a 19 point second half lead. Kind of pisses me off we’re going to overtime giving me the illusion -5.5 may still cash. Just rip my heart out Taurasi.

Update 12:14 AM EST: griner fouls out.

12:15 AM EST: fuck this. Taurasi s unstoppable

12:17 Am est: praying for double ot. Fuck this

12:22 I can’t believe I stayed up for this shit. What a fucking cocktease. Just enough to make you think you had a chance when deep down you knew the spread was never in play. Need a four point play miracle from Taurasi or a weird ass turnover then foul

12:24 miss the spread by 1.5 points after Seattle takes a nap during the 4th quarter. What a fucking joke especially after griner sits out all of OT. Fuck


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