Does This Look Like the Face of a Man that Went 1-5 ATS Betting WNBA THis Weekend?


I’m dead inside rn. The drive to work this morning was hell. I don’t even to deserve to be wearing the Triple Bs. 1-5 ATS is bub shit, Clay Travis shit, amateur hour throwing darts at picks shit. Being in person to see Connecticut cash a winning ticket before returning to home to 4 losers is sad af. 4-5 ATS on the year. I’m rattled as fuck. The only silver lining is I didn’t drink at all or eat junk, continuing to make weight loss progress. I remember seeing an old picture when I entered college that went along the lines of sleep-social life-grades you can only pick two. For me right now it’s improve my golf game-cash winning WNBA tickets-lose weight you can only pick two. Sadly im not cashing tickets but im losing weight. Its only the first weekend so theres no need to panic. Just need to do a better job of evaluating and picking spots. Probably got a little too ambitious betting the whole board but that’s bag lyfe for you in a nutshell.

WNBA picks back up on Tuesday. I’ll be ready. If youre not with me you can pop off.


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