L Bag Pick of the Day-5/19

2016 Indiana Fever Game 001 vs Dallas

Boom baby. We are back with a good start to the regular season covering on opening night with Phoenix -4.5. Today we have a weird matchup with the Fever going against the Sky. Both teams have a lot of new additions to their rosters from last season. The Fever added three top 14 picks to their roster including No. 2 Kelsey Mitchell, No. 8 Victoria Vivians and No. 14 Stephanie Mavunga while the Sky drafted Gabby Williams and Diamond Deshields. The Sky also added seven-year WNBA veteran Alex Montgomery, point guard Chelsea Hopkins and Linae Harper was able to make the roster during training camp.

With that being said today I’m going with the team with the most similar roster to last year, the Fever.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.29.37 AM

Fever -2

L BAG ATS: (27-24-1)

L BAG WNBA ATS: (3-0-0)

I think Stephanie Dolson could potentially give the Fever some problems in the paint today but the guards will be too much handle for the Sky. The Fever beat the Sky in preseason 79-65, hopefully can continue the dominance today in Bankerslife Fieldhouse.

This is a Kelsey Mitchell fan site and I’m very interested to see how she adjusts to the WNBA.

Day 2. Let’s rock. Fever -2.

bonus fire song:

I laugh every time I hear “wah wah wah bitch im lil baby.”

lyric of the year


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