L Bag’s WNBA Opening Day Pick of the Day-5/18

The season is here baby pop off. I feel like a motherfucking kid on christmas baby pop off. Ive waited all winter for this shit. We are back rocking and rolling baby, feeling better than ever. We are about to get rich baby and I mean rich baby. Im talking printing money like the mother fucking US treasury baby. Im brimming with excitement. Wings-Mercury tonight. Sky-Fever tomorrow. Full slate Sunday. Im ready to fucking rock.


You bags have waited through sub par NBA playoff picks. Sitting at (26-24-1). That’s 52%. Breaking even with the juice. SAD! We’re not here to break even we’re here to get rich.

I’m not a loser like Clay Travis that thinks 50% hitting is an accomplishment. News flash Clay, youre losing money.


The first week is always tough with skeleton rosters. We’re 2-0-0 ATS the spread in the preseason and I’m ready to keep the momentum rolling tonight.

Phoenix -4.5 lock it in.

L BAG ATS: (26-24-1)

L BAG WNBA ATS: (2-0-0)


Dewanna Bonner is back ready to kick ass and take names baby POP OFF.


Side note: if im running the phoenix mercury twitter, they need to start tweeting out Get Merc’d.

get merc'd

Bonus fire song:


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