PopOffBaby.com State of the Union


I’m dead inside right now. I’ve let you all down. 0-3 last night brining the L Bag win percentage down to 52%. If you’re a noob that’s breaking even with the juice. I didn’t get in the game to break even. I came here for blood and for riches. I’m here to announce that I will be retiring temporarily retiring from gambling until 5/18 when the WNBA tips off.

I can hear the fans growling right now. “L Bag we need you, you’ve put so much money in my pocket. I can’t bankrupt the casino without you. 52% isn’t that bad when you factor in the parlays and odds you gave us on some player props.” Listen up, you fuckers. The lines are tight right now in the NBA playoffs and I don’t give a fuck about baseball or hockey. We’re better off holding off and waiting for the WNBA season to start. I’m itching for the season start.

In terms of the State of the Union, I’m still confused where I want to take this site. Basically, right now it’s me posting picks and popping off about topics that rile me up. I think it’s time to crank this site up. Video content, maybe a little podcasting, something different. This shits boring.

The WNBA needs a personality. That’s what I’m here for baby. POP OFF. All these sites like SwishAppeal and HighPointHoops suck. They’re bland, and regurgitate the same vanilla ice cream takes on the same stories everyday. Congrats you rewrote a press release the WNBA league office put out. The WNBA community needs a bag that’s popping off. A true man of the people. And that’s what I’m here to do, build the L Bag brand. Started on Instagram with Losingflabwithlbag. Taking it to the world.

Tonight I’m going to see Jorja Smith live but after tonight we are taking this site to the next level and if you don’t like I have two motherfucking words for you baby…


Buy a goddamn t shirt

PO baby shirt



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