L Bag Pick of the Day-5/3


Got chirped from the peanut gallery yesterday for posting picks so close to tip off so I figured id make it up to you bags and lock this one in early. Over city. You know the rules. From the wise words of Big Cat “Life’s too short to bet the under”

scary terry

Scary Terry, with a L Bag tweet of the year candidate drawing inspiration from the greatest movie of all time, “Through the Fire.” Not a shock he’s coming alive in the playoffs after drawing inspiration from Celtics great Sebastian Telfair.

Fat face Iverson, having fun at a game to some Bankroll Fresh. Love this clip, one of the all time personalities in the NBA.

Celtics-76ers love this matchup. I’m hoping it continues into a rivalry. I’d imagine with the young talent on both of these rosters, these two teams will be meeting in the playoffs for years to come.

Over 206. Lock it in.

L Bag’s Record to Date ATS: (19-15-1)

Bonus fire song:

Very excited to see Haim live tonight. Should be a money show on a school night.


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