FunFair Technologies Announces Partnership with Spike Games


In a press release Wednesday afternoon, FunFair Technologies made the announcement of partnership with Spike Games. FunFair and Spike will be working collaboratively to develop new versions of existing games built on the blockchain.

The first game in the pipeline, the companies are looking to revamp is ‘Alice Cooper’s School’s Out for Summer’

The newly revamped games will be added to FunFair’s suite of blockchain powered casino games. The partnership is designed to refine APIs to help developers better integrate gaming content on the FunFair platform in the future. Once the new games go live, Spike Games will be paid out in FUN tokens at the end of each session.

This seems like a great move for FUN. While Spike may not be huge players in the online game developing industry it’s a great step in the right direction towards broadening their game portfolio outside of traditional casino games.

Spike will be able to help provide a more entertaining, mobile friendly experience that FUN needs and should help be able to draw in new audiences.

Overall, I’m very excited about this partnership.

Jez San and the team at FUN continue to deliver while most of their competition continues to produce nothing more than Smoke and Mirrors.


FunFair price as of 4/22/18 at 9:38 am EST via




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