2018 WNBA Draft Viewership Up 25%, Baseball is Dead


ESPN’s telecast of the 2018 WNBA draft, which aired on ESPN 2 and ESPN U, earned a combined audience average of 212,000 viewers. This came out to about a 25% increase in viewership from the previous year.

The first round of the draft which was televised on ESPN 2, was the second most watched ESPN 2 telecast since 2014.

At first glance, these numbers are very impressive and something for the league to be excited about. The league is clearly growing year after year.

Last season was a great year for the league in terms of growing viewership through many of the partnerships implemented by Lisa Borders including twitter broadcasts of games, DraftKings/FanDuel WNBA contests and the new WNBA mode in NBA Live 2018.

Between these numbers and Arike Ogumbuwale’s game winning shots, my juices are flowing rn in anticipation for the season to start.

It’s simple, if you put the WNBA in front of people, the audience will follow.

It’s simple the MLB sucks and the WNBA is great. Buy low on WNBA, sell high on the MLB. League pass is 15 dollars. Endless entertainment. Buy it now, buy bitcoin and buy a PopOffBaby t shirt. Nothing better to watch during the summer than the WNBA. If you’re a baseball player I’d be terrified right now. The WNBA is coming and the death of baseball is imminent.


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