If Romeo Langford Doesn’t Commit to IU, I Will Do Something I Regret

Romeo Langford is set to make his college decision tonight at 7:00 PM EST. Im nervous as fuck right now. I’m going on the record saying that if Romeo does not choose IU, I WILL do something I regret. I don’t know what that is yet, I don’t want to know what that thing will be, but I can guarantee it will be something I regret. One reason I’m confident is that the decision is open to the public at New Albany High School. If Romeo picks Vanderbilt or Kansas he will have essentially scheduled and organized his own murder. If we get to 5 pm and the event is no longer open to the public I will then start freaking out.

If Romeo picks Vandy or Kansas I will let the followers of PopOffBaby.com decide what I do.

And for Romeo this message is for you

If you don’t pick IU, I’ve got two words for you buddy


One thing is for sure. If you make the wrong choice you will leap frog past Isaiah Thomas and Rovell all the way to the front of my shit list.

That’s a list you want no place on. I don’t just end my enemies careers, I murder them and dance on their grave. Look at Isaiah, he’s dead. I killed him.


Darren Rovell is Running Scared

darren_burger_shirt_1It’s simple, Darren Rovell is running scared. Little Darren has been hibernating in his cave ever since the big bad bag has entered his life. It’s sad. It happened to Isaiah Thomas and now it’s happening to Darren. I wish Darren wasn’t such a bitch and would crawl out of his twitter cave and give the people what they want. Papa Johns is actually making it too easy for us. Garlic Sauce by the jug?!!?!? Sounds like a great Friday night to me.

Just me and Darren a couple of guy’s guys hanging out researching #brands going shot for shot of garlic sauce before one of us passes out.

One favorite on this tweet and it’s from the Papa Johns official account. You get a notification everytime a verified account interacts with you so I know D-Man saw this. The guy’s job is literally to tweet, that’s it. Darren probably has an alarm that goes off in his cave every time he gets a tweet from a verified #brand like Papa Johns.

Darren once again, I’m asking you to give the people what they want.

Shot for shot of Papa Johns garlic sauce.


You’re better than this…