Road Trippin Vol 2: The Roof at Case Gym


On Friday night I braved out the cold wrath of the bomb cyclone to get out to The Roof to see Boston University host Loyola MD.

My first impressions of The Roof was that it honestly was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The Roof’s name rings true. It’s actually a roof above Walter Brown Arena where Boston University’s hockey team plays. I knew Boston University was a “hockey school” but I didn’t expect them to go the extreme of stuffing their basketball team in their attic.

During college I attended many Big Ten Women’s Basketball games, to put it nicely the atmosphere for this game was strange, and honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen for a college event.

The arena was very small and felt like a high school gym.


There was maybe 100 people at the game, primarily I’m guessing players parents and the band. It was by the far least engaged crowd environment I’ve ever witnessed at a college sporting event.


We had “fans” reading in the stands completely checked out from what was going on the court.

Which was sad because at least for the hometown team it was a good game.

As a graduate of a Big Ten university I can honestly say I’ve never been to a college sporting event like I saw at the Case Gym. The crowd was dismal and at times the play on the court was as well.

BU was better than Loyola in pretty much every facet of the game.

If this game is a look into what it’s like to play in the Patriot League, having height on your team presents a huge advantage that BU was able to take advantage of. Nia Irving lead the way for BU with 21 points on 10 for 12 shooting and Sophie Beaudry contributed 11 points for BU.

However, the player I was most impressed with was Katie Nelson. She put up 16 points for the Terriers and was very impressive for a freshman. Nelson was a threat from 3 point territory and is the main player to watch for me moving forward.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Loyola. They were overwhelmed from Jump Street and the game was never really in question.


My main beefs with Case Gym came at the expense of the BU marketing department. At the end of the first quarter they had a t shirt toss where they practically had to beg fans to take the T shirts from them. It was sad to watch.

The marketing department was able to redeem themselves at halftime with the Dominoes Pizza Handout. I was shocked that they had the cheerleaders literally take a dozen pizzas and walk through the stands handing out full pizzas to the crowd. They say people from the East Coast are rough around the edges but that is some true hospitality.

Overall, the game was over at halftime and Loyola was never able to take a sizable cut out of BU’s lead in the second half. I hate to give such a negative review of the game because The Roof feels like a cool venue. I’d love to see that gym packed and what it sounds like inside the arena as well as downstairs in the lobby area with The Roof going nuts. I plan on following Katie Nelson and this Terriers team and plan on returning to The Roof again when BU students are back in session so I can give The Roof more of a fair shake.


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