Pop Off Baby State of The Union

I didn’t know what I was doing when I purchased a WordPress premium account. I got a couple of friends together and essentially went with the mindset of ‘let’s post content that we like and see if we can build something.’ Naturally this lead to a disorganized site without an identity.

I’ve decided to change our course and begin to focus on one thing: Women’s Basketball.

I love Women’s Basketball and want to see the game grow and become everything it can be.

One thing I think the game lacks is a male voice providing unfiltered thoughts. One of the most frustrating things about Women’s Basketball is the inherent sexism it can attract from men. Whenever ESPN posts a tweet about Women’s Basketball it’s generally followed by a bunch of bad attempts to make jokes at Women’s Basketballs expense from men.

Lexie Brown said it best with this tweet:


I obviously can’t end male sexism toward women’s basketball with a website but what I think I can do is try my best to cover the game to the best of my ability and attempt to present the game in a fun way.

I want this to be a one stop shop for women’s basketball.

I’m going to begin covering all NCAA conferences and the WNBA. We’re talking round the clock coverage that ESPN fails to provide. I want to Bag and Tag as many arenas as I can.

The marketplace for women’s basketball content is a joke. Looking at reddit and different facebook communities there is clearly a market for this type of site, someone just needs to deliver the content in one place.

I’m going to be that guy.

A lot of people are probably wondering what the name ‘Pop Off Baby’ means.

I honestly don’t know, it’s fun saying I like to say with my friends and has basically become my catch phrase.

And guess what if you don’t like the name, I’ve got two words for you.


Pop Off Baby logo



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