L Bag’s Winners 1/5/18


Tonight I’m going with two picks. Oakland +1 and Reno Big Horns -3.

For Oakland, it’s simple. The black court rattles people.

Athletics Center O'rena

I mean come on. Look at this thing. Maybe the most visually unappealing court but I love it. The Golden Grizzlies are currently 6-1 at home this year as well as 3-1 against the spread at home. It’s simple this court gets in peoples heads and they forget how to play. Walking into the O’rena is like walking into hell. The line has moved from +1 when I got this last night to -2.5 on Bovada so I’d hop on this line ASAP.

Reno Bighorns vs. Iowa Energy

Reno enters the game on a 6 game win streak, taking on a slumping Northern Arizona team. The Big Horns will also be getting a boost from Justin Jackson and Georgios Papagiannis who were just reassigned from the Kings today. The Big Horns have a lot of familiar college basketball faces including Aaron Harrison and Jack Cooley.

What impressed me more was their alumni list including Giannis, Jeremy Lin and Hassan Whiteside. Don’t what they’re doing in Reno but they’re producing quality call ups.

Happy that Bovada is starting to list more G League lines. Like Kevin Costner said in the Field Of Dreams…


Unfortunately those cucks over at Bovada don’t have any NCAAW lines posted after we threw a parade for them last night.


I wanted to keep bankrupting them one NCAAW bet at a time.


Thanks for the dinner Darby Maggard. Just an unbelievable buzzer beat at the end of the quarter to get the 33rd and 34th point of the quarter to cover.


Thanks Darbs, love you XOXOXOXOX



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