Introducing: The Women’s Basketball Smokeshow of the Week

Skylar Diggins

As a proud and outspoken WNBA League Pass subscriber one of the more troubling things you’ll often see on the internet and even hear in arenas during games from males fans is that women’s basketball players are unattractive and “look like men.” There have been countless times where ESPN will tweet out a women’s basketball story only to have the replies be tons of derogatory sexist remarks targeted towards women’s basketball players.

I remember being inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse during the WNBA playoffs watching the Sky face the Fever when a guy behind me kept yelling awful things at players targeting their appearance. Unfortunately, these instances are common, over the top and often times wildly inaccurate.

The goal of these posts are to highlight some of the most attractive women’s basketball players and coaches to hopefully bring some sex appeal to the game and eliminate the common misconception that many men have that women’s basketball players are unattractive.


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