Tom Crean Cucking America’s Eyeballs With His Handwriting

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Let me preface this by saying. I love Tom Crean. I miss him so much prowling the sidelines and being a walking, talking meme. I love him sticking it to Indiana University by not coaching this season and forcing them to pay out his full buyout.

Last night Tom was doing color commentary for the Michigan-Iowa game on ESPN2 and they flashed this on the screen.

A handwritten note titled “Crean’s Keys.” Tommy Boy’s handwriting is preposterous. His use of capital letters are alpha af. Did a little research into Handwriting Graphology where I found what his handwriting might signify.



Dragging his dick across the screen one capital letter at a time. No one can read it, but it doesn’t matter, Tommy knows what it says. I’m entranced by the capital letters, like a car crash you can’t look away from.

These are the capital letters of a man that married into the Harbaugh family.

PSA to ESPN: I know you’re busy laying people off, but maybe have an intern type this up and make a graphic so the folks at home can actually read it.

As for Tommy, keeping being cool brother.




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