The Indiana Pacers Don’t Want to Make Money


The Indiana Pacers don’t want to make money. Plain and simple.

Whoever is running their store should be fired ASAP. I want to waste my disposable income on their overpriced merchandise on a Oladipo jersey but they won’t let me. TJ Leaf and Myles Turner?!?!?!?!? You have to be joking.

The Pacers were publicly ridiculed after making the Paul George trade for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. A lot of critics questioned what they were getting in return for their disgruntled franchise player. What we did know at the time was that the Pacers were getting a player in Oladipo who’d be entering Indianapolis with a built in rabid fanbase from his time at Indiana University.

How fucking hard is this??!?!?!!

It’s no wonder stars players don’t want to play in small markets.

Market your stars. The trade has been a big success. Oladipo is probably going to make the All Star team and I can’t buy his jersey on your site.

What planet am I on right now?!?!?!

Whoever is in charge of marketing and merchandise sales for the Indiana Pacers should be fired immediately. It’s an absolute joke there isn’t any Victor Oladipo jerseys on their site.

When I’m in charge we’re putting his face on everything. Victor Oladipo puts asses in the seats everywhere but especially in Indiana.

Figure it out. This is easy. Every person in Indianapolis should be wearing overpriced Oladipo shit right now.


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