If Women Hate A-Rod for Being a Couch Potato Bum Then I’m Fucked


A-Rod’s former girlfriend Anne Wojciki’s mom Esther recently went to the New York Times with some Inside Baseball information on her daughter’s former relationship with A-Rod. All I’ve got to say is that if A-Rod can’t get away with watching sports for 10 hours a day then I’m fucked.

My literal dream is to retire and spend my all my time watching basketball, handicapping games. Vacations will center around time spending time in sports books. Planning get-togethers will be planned around games. I went home for Thanksgiving and my Mom had the audacity to plan a family get-together with my grandpa during the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Women just don’t understand…

Living in the Northeast and not participating in any winter activities like snowboarding has led to me becoming a total bum throughout the winter wasting every dying second watching college basketball.

If a multi-millionaire retired athlete cant get away with this then a average bub from the Midwest definitely can’t.

All I got to say is that A-Rod dodged a serious bullet.

Ditching this…

Anne Wojcicki

For this…


That’s a come up for the ages if I’ve ever seen one.

If you’re a hot, ambitious, smart, funny, single lady that doesn’t mind a guy that likes to watch sports 10 hours a day, my DMs are open.


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