Bovada is a Fraud Organization


Last night I got a text from my one best gambling buddies that he was able to lock in a bet live on Bovada for Michigan with +1400 odds. I thought I was out of the game after losing the bet to end all bets but these are the type of texts that pull me right back in the game when I thought I was out. I had just changed into workout clothes and was stretching out getting ready to go workout and develop some happy habits. Next thing I know I’m darting to my computer as fast as possible to try and catch this action while it was still on the table.

I promptly deposited 50 bucks to lock in a bet on Michigan at +1200. After watching the line move for a couple minutes it wasn’t changing and of course I wanted to double down so I deposited 60 more dollars.

One minute Im out of the game, retired from gambling, the next I’m depositing left and right to lock in last minute action.

A few minutes later, I noticed the bets have been settled and my account has been credited.


Devastation sets in…

I personally think it’s bullshit, that Bovada can claim a system error when they make a mistake and walk away scotch free while not honoring players bets. It’d be really nice if every time I lost a series of bets drunk I could claim my phone had a system error and get all of my money back.

It’s things like this that highlight why gambling needs to be legalized ASAP. I’m sick of dealing with fraud offshore books like Bovada. Need Donald Trump to get the job done for the people.


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