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Pennsylvania House of Representatives Passes Online Gaming Reform Bill

Pending a signature from Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania could be joining Nevada, Delaware and Nevada as the only states with legal online poker.

House Bill 271 is revolutionary outside of the legalization of online poker as it provides a new framework and foundation for gambling in Pennsylvania.

Some of the main items in the bill worth noting are

  • Legalization online poker and online casino games
  • Legalization and regulation of daily fantasy sports contests
  • Authorization of the sale of online lottery products
  • Authorization of up to five video gaming terminals at qualified truck stops
  • Creation of up to ten “satellite” casinos in designated areas (

Hopefully, more states will follow Pennsylvania’s lead and pass similar legislation to improve access to different gambling outlets for players across the country.

As a stockholder for The Stars Group ($TSG) it’s hard not to get excited about the opportunity for the number of US citizens with access to online poker to double with the passing of Pennsylvania’s vote.

Very positive news for the widespread of legalized gambling in the United States. Hopefully there is more news to come from more states soon.


Am I Bankrupting Bovada?!?!?!

bovada cs

First and foremost, excellent customer service. Incredibly fast response to my questions. Love the new chat option.

Onto the issue. One bitcoin transaction every 3 days?!??! GTFO with that weak shit.

I’m cashing out to fast for these bastards. They cant keep up with the L Bag. I’m like motherfucking Rain Man bankrupting the casino. I’m trying to pay off credit card debt and pad my crypto portfolio baby. I dont have time for these bush league policies. Might have to go back to Nitrogen Sports when I can cash out whenever I want if Bovada cant handle my triple digit withdrawals.

I’m a multi-thousandaire baby. If you dont like it. Ive got two words for ya…


Early Lean-Michigan State -3 vs Northwestern

I love Mark D’Antonio. He’s the kind of a coach I’d run through a brick wall for.

There’s nothing more than I love than a coach whose player gets arrested on Wednesday and then plays on Saturday

A lot of Indiana fans were complaining last week that LJ Scott should’ve been suspended after getting his 7th citation for driving without a license in 2 years. If Tom Allen had the same commitment to winning that Mark D’Antonio he would’ve kicked Simmie Cobbs off the team after getting arrested for refusing to a breathalyzer test at a Jason Aldean concert.  That’s bush league shit, you can’t have your star player doing damaging your programs street cred by having too many strawberritas before a Jason Aldean concert. Tom Allen needs to kiss Jason Aldean goodbye, and say hello to Young Thug. When Mark D’Antonio started hanging out with Rich Homie Quan, Michigan State started going to Rose Bowls. Embrace Young Thug, you’re in Pasadena instead of the Pinstripe Bowl.


Onto the picks…

I love Michigan State against Northwestern. Mark D’Antonio is going to have the guys ready to go to stuff the nerds from Evanston into some lockers where they belong.

Against Indiana, Michigan State was throwing throat punches at the bottom of the pile. These are the kind of bully tactics you need to use against Northwestern. Michigan State is coming in hot and I expect them to stuff Northwestern in a locker and win easily. Honestly, what kind of sick person would root for a team that lets this guy on the field and the locker room as a honorary captain.


Early Leans: Fuck Rovell, Go Sparty. Michigan State -3

Today’s Picks-10/25

With the WNBA season over I have to find a way to spend my time and get my healthy dose of tilting. This path has led me to buying league pass and going all in on the NBA. Doubling down and staying up till 2 am every night sweating out the Clippers team total is no way to live life, but it is a great way to pay off my credit card debt and stack up the crypto portfolio.


Just an overall wild game between the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers, two teams with just absolutely dog shit offenses. It’s games like these that help me stop from sweating and shaking from San Antonio Stars (RIP) withdrawals. Donovan Mitchell’s spark scoring 15 of his 19 points in the 4th quarter after almost shooting his team out of the game in the first three quarters was giving Kelsey Plum flashbacks.


Alright enough weird boners onto the picks.


We’re going all in against the Brooklyn Nets tonight. The Nets are entering a back-to-back tonight coming off a tough loss on the road to Orlando after Aaron Gordon had the game of his life torching the Nets for 41 points and 11 rebounds.

The Nets have the second worse defense in the league giving up 122.5 points per game. I expect the combination of their absent defense and fatigue playing in back-to-back nights to favor the over and Cleveland. While Deangelo Russell has looked like a budding superstar I don’t think he’ll stand much of a chance stopping Lebron and the Cavaliers.

Tonight’s Pick: Parlay: Cavs-7 and Over 227



Vincent Van Gogh-The Free Afternoon Party

“I think life is changing me, I need life to change for me…”

Loving this new release from The Free Afternoon Party, a great follow up to their latest project “Cries From My Generation,” only building anticipation for their newest project “Late Night Secrets” being released on October 31.

Outside of their music, one of the main things that drew me to liking The Free Afternoon Party was their commitment to addressing social issues.

They have recently released two clothing collections on their website dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer and eliminating stigma’s surrounding mental illness that are worth checking out.