The NBA Store on 5th Avenue is a Disgrace

This past weekend I traveled to visit my sister who is interning in New York City. I’m originally from the midwest and recently moved to Massachusetts after college for work and have never been to NYC before. Naturally, I was excited to see the NBA store on 5th avenue.

With the Connecticut Sun being the closet WNBA franchise to me, it’s damn near impossible to find any WNBA gear in stores locally. I’ve considered ordering online but with the WNBA ignoring their males fans in the past only manufacturing jerseys in women’s size the last thing I wanted was to end up like the guy you see at every game wearing an old ill-fitting jersey.

Upon entering the NBA store on 5th avenue I was disappointed to realize that in an entire three level store the WNBA occupied one panel on a wall in the back corner of top floor of the store.

If you weren’t looking for the WNBA display, you probably were not going to stumble upon it. I’m not asking for elaborate store fronts dedicated to the WNBA but atleast put a logo on the window or products where people could actually find them.

I think this season in particular the WNBA has made great strides advancing the reach of the league with twitter streams and daily fantasy sports to attract new fans but seeing the way the store was designed it highlighted how far the league still has to go. If the NBA actually cares about advancing the WNBA they should reinvest the money their using to run forced advertisements that borderline on cringeworthy praising WNBA players without actually mentioning their names. The WNBA isn’t going to grow because Kyle Lowry thinks the players have “sick handles.” It doesn’t require big ad spends for the NBA to feature one WNBA product in their NYC storefront. SAD!

Luckily, after searching around the whole store I was able to find an Epiphany Prince jersey on sale.

This weekend I’m traveling to Mohegan Sun to see the Connecticut Sun play the Indiana Fever and I’m very hopeful the merchandise selection is a little better and I’m able to find some Jonquel Jones or Jasmine Thomas gear.

Hard out here for a guy trying to find a WNBA jersey.


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